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Greetings, party planners and adventure seekers! Here with People 2 Places, we pride ourselves on transforming ordinary journeys into extraordinary experiences. Whether it's a stag do, hen party, or a celebratory outing with mates, our party buses are the ultimate venue on wheels. Let me share with you some essential tips for an unforgettable party bus outing that will have your guests reminiscing for years to come.

Planning Your Trip

Selecting the right size for your party bus is crucial. It's all about comfort and space! Make sure there's ample room for everyone to move and groove.

Consider the route beforehand. While we're at the wheel, it's helpful to have an idea of your desired stops – whether it's landmarks for photos or a quick nip at your favourite pubs.

Onboard Entertainment

Crafting the perfect playlist is key to setting the vibe. And guess what? Our buses come equipped with sound systems that will keep the beats bumpin' all ride long.

Don't forget about party games – they're a surefire way to break the ice and get everyone in the spirit. Just keep them travel-friendly!

Safety First

While the party is in full swing, safety remains our top priority. Rest easy knowing that our professional drivers are well-versed in getting you to your destinations safely.

Enjoy the tipples but remember to drink responsibly. We want your memories to be of the fun, not the fuss.

Customising Your Experience

Themes can elevate your party bus experience. From roaring '20s to futuristic vibes, let your imagination run wild – within the bounds of safety, of course.

Hungry revellers are no good, so consider pre-arranged catering. We can help coordinate with local vendors for an array of tasty treats.

Booking Tips

To avoid disappointment, book your party bus well in advance. Our fleet is in high demand, and we want to ensure we have the perfect ride ready for you.

At People 2 Places, there are no hidden costs – we believe in transparent pricing so you can budget your bash without any surprises.

Before You Depart

A final head count is essential. This ensures no one's left behind and helps us confirm that the party bus of choice is still the best fit.

Double-check the itinerary with us. We're sticklers for punctuality and want to make sure your plan is not just feasible but also fun!

Personal Belongings

Encourage your guests to pack light and look after their belongings. Our party buses have storage, but space is still at a premium amidst the festivities.


We cherish your feedback. It helps us improve and ensures that the next time you book with People 2 Places, it's even better than the last.

Lost Items

In the rare event that something goes missing, we have a system in place to help recover lost items. Just another reason to party with peace of mind. For a glimpse of the unforgettable experiences awaiting you, plan your trip, consider safety measures, and learn how to customise your party bus experience with us. With these tips, your next party bus outing is sure to be the talk of the town. Ready to roll out the ultimate party on wheels? Book your adventure today and let People 2 Places drive you to delight.

Lily Lewis brings her passion for travel to her writing, covering various UK destinations with a focus on family-friendly spots.

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