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In recent years Essex has been successful in putting itself on the map, now serving as a very popular attraction for tourists. Following the immensely successful BAFTA winning show The Only Way is Essex; the youth culture of Britain has made its way to the north-east of London.

Essex is best known for its spirit, a geographic personality that is catching to say the least. It is predominantly down to this unique character that has influenced Essex's transformation into a popular holiday destination.

In recent times many have been attracted to Essex for its beautiful landscapes, spending their time marauding through locations such as Belhus Woods Country Park and the Green Island Gardens. This side of Essex is often overlooked with the glitz and glamour of the city taking precedence.

That said the glamorous side to Essex is what we all love, allowing us to let our hair down and feel a million dollars.

If you are looking to experience this part of Essex then why not hire a limousine?

At People 2 Places we hold a strong connection with the limousine providers of the UK, allowing us to relay the cheapest prices to our customers. Although generally viewed as an expensive transport choice limousine hire can actually work out to be less expensive than a coach or a minibus.

So, if you fancy yourself as the type to enjoy the beauties of a prestigious limousine then contact us today.

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