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Top Tips for Hiring a Party Bus in Greater London for a Night Out

Hiring a party bus in Greater London for a night out can be an exciting way to ensure everyone has a fantastic time. At People 2 Places, we’ve facilitated countless successful nights out with our extensive fleet of party buses. Here are our top tips to help you make the most of your night and ensure everything runs smoothly.

1. Book in Advance

Party buses are incredibly popular, especially on weekends and during holiday seasons. To secure your ideal vehicle, we recommend booking at least a few weeks in advance. This ensures you have a range of options to choose from and can plan your night with confidence.

2. Choose the Right Size

Selecting the right size of the party bus is crucial. You don’t want your guests to feel cramped, nor do you want to pay for more space than you need. At People 2 Places, we offer a variety of sizes to accommodate different group sizes, ensuring everyone travels in comfort.

3. Consider the Amenities

Party buses come with a range of amenities that can elevate your night out. Think about what’s important to you and your group. Do you need a top-notch sound system, disco lights, or a mini-bar? Make a list of must-haves and check them when you enquire about the bus options.

4. Plan Your Route

A well-planned route can make or break your night. Discuss your itinerary with the driver in advance, including pick-up and drop-off points, and any stops you’d like to make. Our experienced drivers at People 2 Places are familiar with Greater London and can offer valuable insights to help you craft the perfect route.

5. Check the Credentials

Safety should always be a priority. Ensure the company you hire from has all the necessary licenses and insurance. At People 2 Places, we pride ourselves on our excellent safety record and fully licensed, professional drivers.

6. Read Reviews

Customer reviews can offer a wealth of information. Look for feedback on punctuality, the condition of the buses, and overall customer service. Positive reviews can give you peace of mind that you’re making the right choice.

7. Ask About Costs

Make sure you understand the pricing structure. Are there any hidden fees? What’s included in the quoted price? At People 2 Places, we believe in transparent pricing so that you can budget accurately for your night out.

8. Confirm the Details

A few days before your event, confirm all the details with the party bus company. This includes the time, date, itinerary, and any special requests. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and helps avoid any last-minute hiccups.


Hiring a party bus in Greater London can turn a regular night out into an unforgettable experience. By following these tips and choosing a reliable service like People 2 Places, you can ensure a smooth, enjoyable, and safe night out for everyone involved. We're here to make your night as fantastic as it can be!

For more information on our party bus hire services, or to make a booking, contact People 2 Places today. Let’s make your night out in Greater London truly memorable!

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